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Marketing Assessment Inc. (MAI) founded in 1979 is a company whose business is to represent companies with honesty, integrity and professionalism

MAI’s philosophy is to help provide the soldier the best products to facilitate the best medical care.  To this end we supply our strategic partners the best information to be able to create and provide those products. We currently hold all available contract vehicles to enable our Government partner’s easy access to our goods and services.

Over the years we have represented companies such as General Dynamics Electronics (HealthCom), Physio-Control, Protocol Systems, Cardiac Science and others. Many new technologies and products have been introduced through MAI’s efforts.

Today we continue in that tradition representing Impact Instrumentation, Reel Research, ThermoGear, Abbott (I-Stat), Argentum, MicrobeCare XLP, and others.

MAI is a gap requirement enabler helping our strategic partners (including the Services) find and transition existing technologies into the battlefield. The diversity of our contributions run from providing basic splinting capability, innovative lighting technology, portable point of care laboratory devices, to the next generation of infection control.

MAI leadership has been actively involved in assisting the Government reach their desired goals and requirements by representing Industry on many panels and working groups through organizations such as AMSUS, HIFAC, FICEMS, and others.

We currently are actively contributing to the SCI/TBI research community as well as the effects of vibration on the injured patient during transport. We are involved in the standards development of ground and air medical vehicles through ASTM as well as a contributing author of the Safe Ride Standards of the use of a UAV for casualty evacuation through NATO.

Please contact us at 800-827-9344 or at admin@marketingassessment.com

Management Consulting

Marketing Assessment’s mission is to provide the soldier with medical products to facilitate excellent medical care. We do this, by providing our strategic partners with the best information to be able to create and provide these products.

Our Events
APRIL - Model Rules for Ambulance Vehicle Design – Tampa, FL
- Light Fair International – Philadelphia, PA

MAY - SPEC-OPS Warfighter Expo – McChord, WA
- AHEPA Golf Tournament - Clifton, VA

JULY - Warrior East - Virginia Beach, VA
- AFOMS – San Antonio, TX